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Korea Post is in charge of postal services and financial services by post offices.

Major Business

Provide basic postal services of handling and delivering postal matters (General mails and parcels)

Provide additional postal services (Registered mails, acceptance of postal matters at the customers' location, sales of local products by mail order, and postal errand service, etc.)

Handling postal savings, postal money, order and postal giro

Handling postal insurance


Korea Post

1 Division, 4 Bureaus, 1 Section, 12 Departments (General Affairs Division, Planning Division & Management Bureau, Postal Service Bureau, Postal Savings Bureau, Postal Insurance Bureau, Inspector General, etc.)

Affiliated Agencies

Korea Post Officials Training Institute

Korea Post Information Center

Supply & Construction of Koreapost

Regional Communications Office

8 Offices including Seoul, Pusan, Choongchung Province, Chonnam Pro vince, Kyungbuk Province, Chonbuk Province, Kangwon Province, and Cheju

Post Office

3,663 offices